Chanesman Photos
Series Group Series Issue Title Age
Chanesman Portrait 1 School Photo 1990's Details
Chanesman Portrait 2 School Photo 1990's 408-355-7881
Chanesman Portrait 3 School Photo 1989 Details
Chanesman Portrait 4 School Photo 1980's? Details
Chanesman Portrait Doris Graduation 1958? 7187665710
Chanesman Snap Shot Beach 30's? Details
Chanesman Snap Shot Pelham Park August 26th, 1944 August 26th, 1944 2047040816
Chanesman Snap Shot 1 Outdoors with the Kids Early 40's Details
Chanesman Snap Shot 2 Outdoors with the Kids Early 40's (413) 497-9543
Chanesman Snap Shot 1 Jail Break? Late 30's Details
Chanesman Weddings Engagement Party of Chris Sambuco and Doris Chanesman Late 60's Details
Decovsky Portrait Navy picture Israel Decovsky 40's? Details
Decovsky Snap Shot Deck(Israel) and Sandy 40's? Details
Decovsky Snap Shot Fred ? Details
Decovsky Weddings Fred and Lenore October 31, Late 70's 2899357018
Friends Holiday Easter 1945 1945 Details
Friends Portrait Marleen Schmitt's Graduation Details
Friends Snap Shot Helen Frankie and Steve 1945 1945 Details

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